Summer camp registration is officially open! We are so excited to welcome campers back on-site. You may notice a few shifts in our traditional program schedule that have been made to accommodate fewer campers on-site each week.

We encourage families to register as soon as possible to ensure your camper's spot in their preferred week of programming.

Registration Portal

An important note for families: Week 3 Discover and Challenge programs have been shortened by one day to accommodate for the July 4th holiday. This is one of our favorite weeks of programming, and the only one with our spectacular fireworks show. Pricing is slightly less than Weeks 1, 2, and 4 due to the shortened length of the program.

Summer '21 Virtual Brochure:

More information on summer camp dates, our three-tiered pricing structure, and scholarships can be found below. Have additional questions? Feel free to call our office at (812) 358-3413 or email program@pyoca.org.

Summer 2021 Program Schedule:

Session Program Dates Grades Type
Southport Presbyterian Becomer's Camp June 5 - 11 Rising 6 - 8 Partner Program
Gemini Mission Camp June 13 - 18 Rising 4 - 11 Partner Program
Pyoca Week 1 Challenge June 20 - 25 Rising 7 - 9 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 1 Transform June 20 - 25 Rising 10 - 2021 Grads Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 2 Explore June 27 - 30 Rising 2 - 4 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 2 Discover June 27 - July 2 Rising 4 - 6 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 2 Challenge June 27 - July 2 Rising 7 - 9 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 3 Explore July 6 - 9 Rising 2 - 4 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 3 Discover July 5 - 9 Rising 4 - 6 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 3 Challenge July 5 - 9 Rising 7 - 9 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 3 Family Camp July 9 - 11 All Ages Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 4 Discover July 11 - 16 Rising 4 - 6 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 4 Challenge July 11 - 16 Rising 7 - 9 Pyoca Program
Stop the Violence Indy The TALKS July 12 - 16 Ages 12 - 16 Partner Program
Orchard Park Presbyterian Camp Friendly July 18 - 25 Rising 4 - 9 Partner Program

Three-Tiered Pricing:

    Why Three Prices?

    It is important to us now more than ever to make camp as accessible as possible to any child. We know that families have been hit hard by the pandemic over the last year, so we have committed to not raise camp fees in 2021.

    We know that every family has different abilities and resources to pay for camp, which is why we offer a voluntary three-tiered pricing program. The three-tiered pricing model gives families the option to more fully support the total cost of Pyoca's summer camp programming.

    As always, our tiered pricing structure allows families to determine for themselves what they can pay for camp. This choice will vary by family and we believe that only you know what works best financially for your family.

    Tier 1 is Pyoca's historically published rate and does not reflect the full cost associated with providing quality summer programs. Presbytery mission support and donations supplement this price to support the full cost of Pyoca's summer camp programs.

    Tier 2 is a midpoint between the historically published rate and the full cost of summer camp, giving you an opportunity to choose to pay a "little more" to support Pyoca's ongoing ministry.

    Tier 3 most closely reflects what it costs to run Pyoca including facility maintenance, staffing, utilities, and equipment. Choosing this tier helps Pyoca's summer camp remain sustainable for years to come.

    If you are requesting a scholarship, or your church pays part or all of your camper fees, please select Tier 1.

    Click on the green program links above to see each program's tiered pricing fees.


    What is Pyoca's Scholarship Philosophy?

    Our scholarship process works like this: families tell us what they can do.

    Our scholarship form, built into our registration system, allows families to tell us what their churches will contribute, what the family can contribute, and whatever is left will be covered by Pyoca's scholarship fund. We do ask families, if possible, to contribute something to the cost of camp. It could be $25, $50, $100, $250, only you know what works for you.

    Pyoca is blessed to have many churches providing financial support for their youth to attend summer camp. If you are a member of a PC(USA) congregation in Whitewater Valley or Ohio Valley Presbyteries, be sure to check in with your church to see if they provide camp scholarships.

    If you have any questions about our tiered pricing structure or scholarship process, please reach out to our office at program@pyoca.org or (812) 358-3413.