Our History

In 1952, the original property was purchased to create a camp that was owned by the Synod of Indiana. In addition to this property, the synod was operating Camp Kosciusko at Winona Lake. Due to deteriorating facilities, that camp was sold in the early 1960s, and Camp Pyoca was turned over to the Whitewater Valley Presbytery and Ohio Valley Presbytery in 1977. The camp is currently owned by Whitewater Valley Presbytery and operated through a joint agreement between the two Presbyteries.

Pyoca got its name from a group of junior high girls counseled by Irene Johns, and is an acronym formed from the the phrase "Presbyterian youth camp". The same girls also wrote the Pyoca camp song, set to "The Ash Grove".

Pyoca is now a year-round facility with a full-time Executive Director, Assistant Director, and Site Manager, and part-time kitchen staff. The main priority is still the summer program which has grown to 15 summer staff, and volunteers that make each week an incredible and unique experience.