Our Mission

Pyoca is a place where all are welcome in God's love to Explore, Grow, Rest, and Play.

Our Core Values

Provide Christian faith development:

  • Through opportunities for daily devotion (personal and group).
  • Through opportunities for reflecting on the individual's faith journey.
  • Through quality Christian role-modeling by volunteer and summer staff.
  • Through opportunities for sharing statements of faith, experiences and ideas.
  • Through opportunities for individuals to ask questions - and have them answered.

Provide personal growth and understanding:

  • Through opportunities to expand horizons and try new activities, including interactive Bible study, leadership development and small group discussions.
  • Through discussion opportunities that challenge participants' thinking and beliefs.

Provide leadership development:

  • Through opportunities for individuals to assume leadership roles in all areas of camp that are applicable.
  • Through appropriate Christian role-modeling.
  • Through opportunities to take safe risks, and support of each other whether the risk succeeded or failed.
  • To enable campers and staff to ask questions and explore new ways of thinking about and doing things.
  • Through opportunities to learn different leadership styles.

Provide life-skill appreciation:

  • Through acknowledging that people learn in different ways and providing a range of learning opportunities which can develop life-long skills (e.g. crafts, out-of-doors appreciation, financial management, and vocational discernment.) [Multiple intelligence theory].
  • Through developing teamwork, communication, and mutual appreciation of the skills of others.
  • Through helping campers and staff discover, experience, and respond to God's call to service.

Provide appreciation for God's creation:

  • Through a variety of experiential outdoor activities that develop an appreciation of God's world.
  • Through Christian stewardship that enhances and protects the local and global environment.
  • Through helping campers and staff develop environmentally friendly behaviors (e.g reduce, reuse, recycle).

Accept people as they are:

  • Through programs that welcome and encourage diversities of background, ability or culture.
  • Through relational experiences that allow those from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds to work and live together.
  • Through affirming the infinite worth of all God's children.