Pyoca Explore Camp

We believe camp is one of the most important spaces for high school students each summer. It's a place to get away from the pressures of life at home, unplug, and connect with friends new and old. Transform Camp offers a safe and open space for deep faith formation and reflection.

Through this summer's curriculum, Creation Speaks, we will:

  • Dive deep into the Creation stories of Genesis, learning how they have been understood and interpreted throughout Christian history.
  • Investigate questions around the global climate crisis and our Christian response to care for Creation.
  • Learn how believers throughout time have found God in both the beauty of Creation and through trials in the wilderness.
  • Identify who has access to Creation and discern how we can make it a space where all feel welcome.
  • Transform Camp will run congruently in 2021 with Week 1 Challenge Camp. Both camps will run separate from one another.

    Grades: 10 - 2021 Grads

    Dates Tier 1 - Subsidized Tier 2 - Partially Subsidized Tier 3 - Actual Cost
    June 20 - 25

    Campers receive the same Pyoca experience regardless of payment tier. Tiered pricing is simply a way for families to more fully support the cost of summer camp. Learn more about how to register for this program.