Pyoca Explore Camp

We believe camp is one of the most important spaces for high school students each summer. It's a place to get away from the pressures of life at home, unplug, and connect with friends new and old. Transform Camp offers a safe and open space for deep faith formation and reflection.

Each year we welcome a keynote speaker who will lead daily Chapel and walk us through the week's theme. This upcoming year's theme focuses on discerning the many calls God has set for our lives.

Why just one week of high school programs? We know our high schoolers have busy lives as they try to juggle work, sports, music, theatre, and more with a life of faith. As our pinnacle program, it is crucial to us that the Transform program allows all of our high schoolers to be able to come together as one faith community.

How can you plan ahead? While our schedule can shift from year to year depending upon when Memorial Day falls, Transform dates will always be set during Week 1 of Pyoca programs, typically the third full week of June.

Grades: 10 - 2023 Grads

2023 Dates Tier 1 - Subsidized Tier 2 - Partially Subsidized Tier 3 - Actual Cost

Campers receive the same Pyoca experience regardless of payment tier. Tiered pricing is simply a way for families to choose what best works for them financially. Learn more about how to register for this program.