We are looking forward to another great summer season at Pyoca! Click on the links below to learn more about each program that we offer throughout the summer. Visit our Camp Registration page to learn more about the registration process.

Registration Portal

Summer camp registration for Pyoca Programs will open Sunday, January 8th at 12:00PM (noon) EST. For additional information and questions regarding our summer camp programming, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (812) 358-3413 or email program@pyoca.org.

Does your child attend Becomer's Camp? If so, they will need to fill out a Pyoca medical form in addition to their church registration. Medical forms can be accessed through the online registration portal later this spring. Important: Even if your child filled out an online med form last year, you will still need to log in and update their med form for the 2023 camp season.

Does your child attend Gemini Mission Camp or Camp Friendly? This year campers attending these programs will complete their full camp registration through Pyoca's online portal. Registrations for these programs will open up in February 2023.

Summer 2023 Program Schedule:

Session Program Dates Grades Type
Southport Presbyterian Church Becomer's Camp June 3 - 9 Rising 6 - 8 Partner Program (Church)
Indiana Presbyterian Church Gemini Mission Camp June 11 - 16 Rising 4 - 12 Partner Program (Church)
Pyoca Day Camp Day Camp June 12 - 16 Rising 2 - 6 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 1 Discover Camp June 18 - 23 Rising 4 - 6 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 1 Challenge Camp June 18 - 23 Rising 7 - 9 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 1 Transform Camp June 18 - 23 Rising 10 - 2023 Grads Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 2 C.I.T. Training Weekend June 23 - 25 Ages 16 - 18 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 2 Explore Camp I

(FULL - Waitlist)

June 25 - 28 Rising 2 - 4 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 2 Discover: Creation Camp

(FULL - Waitlist)

June 25 - 30 Rising 4 - 6 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 2 Challenge Art Camp June 25 - 30 Rising 7 - 9 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 2 C.I.T. I June 25 - 30 Ages 16 - 18 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 3 Family Camp July 6 - 9 All Ages Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 3 Family Day July 8 All Ages Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 4 Explore Camp II July 9 - 12 Rising 2 - 4 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 4 Discover Art Camp July 9 - 14 Rising 4 - 6 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 4 Challenge: On the River July 9 - 14 Rising 7 - 9 Pyoca Program
Pyoca Week 4 C.I.T. II July 9 - 14 Ages 16 - 18 Pyoca Program
Stop the Violence Indianapolis The TALKS July 10 - 15 Ages 12 - 16 Partner Program (NPO)
Orchard Park Presbyterian Camp Friendly July 16 - 22 Rising 4 - 9 Partner Program (Church)
Second Presbyterian Church Grown-Up Summer Camp July 27 - 30 Ages 21 + Pyoca & Partner Program

What's the difference between a Pyoca Program and a Partner Program?

Camping as an industry has looked really different over the years. Traditionally, Christian camp programs were started by individual churches as a supplement to their year round youth programs. Many churches brought their youth to summer camps long before camp and retreat centers began running their own programming. Pyoca was no different. Our site was rented out by churches for their own summer camp programs for decades before we began offering our own summer camp programs with a full summer staff.

Our site operates about 50% of our camps on this traditional Partner Program model. Partner camps are summer camp programs that operate within Pyoca’s summer camp season and are supported by Pyoca’s summer staff, but are primarily run, marketed, and staffed by an outside organization such as a church or youth-serving non-profit. Today we host camps for both church and non-profit organizations, in addition to our four weeks of camp programming. Partner Program camps bring in their own volunteer staffs and lead their own programming. Our summer staff supplements Partner Programs in various ways, but predominantly by facilitating waterfront and adventure course activities.

Pyoca Programs are run and fully staffed by Pyoca. We hire and train a staff of young adults to lead all aspects of our camp programming. See our Summer Staff page to learn more.

While we are supported by and operate in theological and missional partnership with the Presbyterian Church (USA), we welcome all to our programs.