Make Your Mark At Camp:

Join our alumni program and dive deeper into Pyoca's community! Your membership will go to support Pyoca camp and year-round program scholarships, as well as earn you discounts for future Pyoca programs! You'll be joining a network of individuals with a love and passion for camp.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Alumni members will receive a 10% discount to attend Family Camp, Grown-up Summer Camp, and any brand new 2023 programs like Weekend at the Lake. Discounts may only be used for the individual registered for the association, not for current youth camp programs. Discount codes will be sent via email prior to program registration and/or upon submission of alumni membership dues.

This August we will be hosting an alumni gathering at camp, so stay tuned for more details! Alumni are also invited to connect with Pyoca on LinkedIn and join our alumni group to network with other camp alums!

Important: Those who registered in 2022 will receive full benefits and membership through 2023! Plus, 2022 high school graduates who attended Transform Camp in 2022 will receive this year's alumni benefits for FREE!

Coming Soon: 2023 goodie packages for all registered alumni.

Anyone 18+ who is an alumni of Pyoca programs, retreats, staff, or has volunteered at Pyoca is eligible for our alumni program. Alumni can pick more than one status, with multiple options to choose from, including: camper, retreat guest, staff, and volunteer.

2023 high school grads who attend this summer's Transform Camp program are eligible to receive dues for 2023-2024 for free.

Alumni Association dues are set up as a tiered system. Alumni can opt into whichever tier level they choose. All dues go to Pyoca's Scholarship Fund to support camp and year round programs.

Annual Student Membership: $25.00
Annual Bronze Membership: $52.00
Annual Silver Membership: $520.00
Annual Gold Membership: $5,200.00