Explore is the perfect camp for first-time campers who are looking to spend their first few nights away from home. Campers will engage in all of the traditional camp activities such as swimming, hiking, campfire, Bible study, crafts, and more.

Explore camp provides children the opportunity to explore their independence and learn how to connect with other kids their age in a caring, Christian community.

Grades: 2 - 4
Pick-up time: Wednesday at 10 AM with a brief closing program

Campers receive the same Pyoca experience regardless of payment tier. Tiered pricing is simply a way for families to more fully support the cost of summer camp.

Tier 1 - Subsidized Tier 2 - Partially Subsidized Tier 3 - Actual Cost

Volunteer Directors

We have a long tradition at Pyoca of welcoming volunteer leadership to enhance areas of our summer camp programming. We are delighted to welcome Week Two volunteers Jody (Platt) Smith and Christine List as our volunteer directors for Explore and You & Me.

We also welcome Pyoca alumna Kim Van Wyk as our Week Three Explore volunteer director. Get to know our directors below.

Jody (Platt) Smith first started coming to Pyoca as a tag-along during Orchard Park’s Camp Friendly in the 80s! She was a volunteer counselor for multiple weeks each summer as a high school and college student, and was on staff at Pyoca one summer during college. Jody has a master’s degree in elementary education and currently teaches preschool. She also owns a music studio in Union, KY, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. She is super excited to get back to camp this summer after many years away!

Christine (Reinoehl) List attended Pyoca for the first time as a rising fourth grader during Orchard Park’s Camp Friendly in the late 1980s. After years as a camper, she then spent multiple weeks each summer with Jody as a volunteer counselor in high school and college and chaperoned a handful of youth retreats at Pyoca in the more recent years. Chris lives in Westfield with her husband and two young daughters. She is a practicing CPA at an accounting firm in Indianapolis. She is looking forward to spending more time at one of her most favorite places that holds so many wonderful memories!

Kimberly Van Wyk's first time at Pyoca was the summer of 2000. She attended Orchard Park's camps until high school and was a volunteer counselor for the programs until college. After her freshman year of college, Kim joined Pyoca's summer staff. She spent two life-changing summers at camp, loving the campus and campers every single week. Kim has returned for at least two weeks to volunteer every summer and makes an effort to attend cleanup events, dedications, celebrations, and lend a hand during staff training. She graduated from Butler University's College of Education and has taught for four years. She now lives in Addison, Illinois, where she teaches fifth grade in a nearby city. And yes, she still thinks camp is the best place on Earth.