Pyoca has traditionally held spots for high schoolers to volunteer throughout the summer, but this year we are offering an official Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) program to develop future Christian leaders.

C.I.T.S will gather at the beginning of the week to train and will finish out the week working alongside Pyoca summer staff as they co-lead Explore & Discover.

The Program Director will review applications submitted by potential C.I.T.s. This program holds space for only six C.I.T.s each week, so be sure to turn in applications by April 1st.

The camp fees cover the cost of meals and leadership programming throughout the week. Scholarships are available for C.I.T.s.

Ages: 16-18

Campers receive the same "Pyoca" experience regardless of payment tier. Tiered pricing is simply a way for families to more fully support the cost of summer camp.

Tier 1 - Subsidized Tier 2 - Partially Subsidized Tier 3 - Actual Cost