Summer Camp

Summer is just around the corner, and we are busy working to provide incredible opportunities for faith formation, leadership development, and Christian education.

Our programs are open to all youth: we do not discriminate or exclude from programs on the basis of race, national origin, color, sex/gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

For more information on our summer camp programs be sure to check out our brochure below:


We believe that camp is important for all children and want to ensure that any child who wants to come to camp can.

If you are interested in a scholarship for your camper, please click here for a scholarship request form.

Pyoca is blessed to have many churches providing financial support for their youth to attend summer camp. If you are a member of a PC(USA) congregation in Whitewater Valley or Ohio Valley Presbyteries, be sure to check in with your church to see if they provide camp scholarships.

Program Schedule Summer 2019

Session Program Dates Grades
Southport Becomer's Camp June 1 - 7 Rising 6 - 8
Gemini Mission Camp June 9 - 14 Rising 4 - 11
Pyoca Week 1 Discover June 16 - 21 Rising 4 - 6
Pyoca Week 1 Challenge June 16 - 21 Rising 7 - 9
Pyoca Week 1 Transform June 16 - 21 Rising 10 - 2019 Grads
Pyoca Week 2 Explore June 23 - 26 Rising 2 - 4
Pyoca Week 2 You and Me June 26 - 29 Ages 6 - 12
Pyoca Week 2 Discover June 23 - 28 Rising 4 - 6
Pyoca Week 2 Challenge June 23 - 28 Rising 7 - 9
Pyoca Week 2 C.I.T. June 23 - 28 Ages 16 - 18
Pyoca Week 3 Explore June 30 - July 3 Rising 2 - 4
Pyoca Week 3 Discover June 30 - July 5 Rising 4 - 6
Pyoca Week 3 Challenge June 30 - July 5 Rising 7 - 9
Pyoca Week 3 C.I.T. June 30 - July 5 Ages 16 - 18
Young Actors Theatre The Experiment July 7 - 13 Rising 4 - 11
Orchard Park Camp Friendly July 14 - 20 Rising 4 - 9

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Three Prices?

    We know that every family has different abilities and resources to pay for camp, which is why, this year, Camp Pyoca is offering a voluntary three-tiered pricing program. In the past, Pyoca has offered a single subsidized rate which is lower than the true cost of camp, made possible by generous presbytery support, gifts from churches, and individual donations. The three-tiered pricing model gives families the option to more fully support the total cost of Pyoca's excellent summer camp. Please consider the three tiers and choose the best fit for your family, keeping in mind the true cost of camp and the value of Camp Pyoca's ministry. No matter which tier is selected, all campers receive the same Camp Pyoca experience.

  • If you are requesting scholarship dollars or your families church pays part or all of your camper fees please select Tier 1.

  • Tier 1 is Camp Pyoca's historically published rate and does not reflect the full cost associated with providing quality summer programs. Presbytery mission support and donations supplement this price to support the full cost of Pyoca's summer camp programs.
  • Tier 2 is a midpoint between the historically published rate and the full cost of summer camp, giving you an opportunity to choose to pay a "little more" to support Pyoca's ongoing ministry.
  • Tier 3 most closely reflects what it costs to run Camp Pyoca including facility maintenance, staffing, utilities, and equipment. Choosing this tier helps Pyoca's summer camp remain sustainable for years to come.
  • What time is check-in?

    Check-in will run from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. in the lodge for all pyoca programs.

  • What time is pickup and where do I pick up my camper?

    Pick-up for week long camps is at 3:00 p.m. each Friday. Pick up for half week Explorer Programs is at 10 a.m. Wednesday with a brief closing program.

    We ask that you please sign out your camper and have a photo ID so we know they have left with the appropriate person. You should provide us with the names of people who will most likely be picking up your camper at registration. If plans change or you need to pick up your camper early please call the camp ahead of time.

  • May I keep in touch with my camper? Should I send them with a cell phone?

    We encourage you to send mail or e-mail to you camper while they are here at camp. We deliver mail on a daily basis at dinner (5pm, US/Eastern). E-mail should be free of any attachments and should be limited to one page to help us save on paper. Campers do not have the opportunity to send e-mail. The camper e-mail address is

    If you are sending mail via the US Postal Service we ask that you do not send care packages because campers are not allowed to have candy in the cabins. Campers are allowed to send letters home and can purchase stamps in the canteen.

    We understand that you are concerned about your camper while they are away from home. Since Pyoca is a "place away from the busy world" we ask that you do not send a cell phone with your camper.

  • What does my camper need to bring with them to camp?

    Click here for a copy of Pyoca's packing list.