Food Service

Pyoca will provide meal service for any group. If your group wishes to cook for themselves, the group must reserve Cedar, Oak, Poplar and the Rustic Cabins and have a certified food handler with current certificate in Serve Safe or comparable training.

Pyoca staff will work with your group to meet any and all dietary requirements of your group. We ask that the group leaders inform the staff of any specific requirements at least one week prior to your reservation date.

Meals will have one main entrée and a vegetarian option if requested. Lunches and dinners will be served with salad and choice of three beverages. Dinners will include dessert.

Groups must verify the number of people for each meal seven days in advance so that staff can order food in the proper quantities. Pyoca will have food for a 10% increase and allow for a 10% decrease in the number of meals. If the group size falls below 90%, the group will be billed for those meals.

Minimum group size for food service is 12 adult meals.


Breakfast: $6.25
Lunch: $6.50
Dinner: $8.75
Banquets: $17.00
Beverage service: $1.25
Snack service: $1.25
Youth 0-4 years: *Free
Children 5-10 years: 50%

* = camping with parents

Other Information

Coffee service will be available to all adult groups in the Modern Cabins and Retreat Center.

Groups providing their own food service: Lodge Kitchen Fee** $150.00

**Due to Indiana Department of Health Code changes, we require a current Food Handler Certificate prior to the release of the Lodge Kitchen. In addition, the entire facility must also be reserved in order to provide food service.